Alexander joined Scotwest in May 2015 and was elected to the Board in November 2015.

Alex is a Senior Consultant with many years experience in the financial sector as well as a Business Development Director with Baseline Careers.

Why did you want to serve as a Director?

“My interest in joining the Scotwest Board of Directors was driven primarily by my desire to apply my industry experience to the development of my local community and my own Credit Union. Scotwest Board membership has provided me with the platform to contribute towards a stronger community by increasing financial responsibility. I am also very involved with the ethnic and African communities in Scotland and being a Director has given me the opportunity to target that segment of the community.”

What have you gained from taking up this position?

“Being a Director in Scotwest has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the community by allowing me to have a voice in the direction of the credit union. Building new networks with other directors is another benefit.”

In 10 words or fewer, why would you recommend joining Scotwest’s Board?

“Build experience and grow your network.”

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