Under money laundering regulations, we are required to verify the identity and address of all new members before we can accept your application.

To do this, we will generally make an online electronic check. This process involves checking the details you supply against those held on a number of specific databases which Experian – the credit reference agency we use for the check – has access to. For example they will check to see whether you appear on the Electoral Register at the address you have provided.

Scoring methods will be used in the verification process as this gives a more thorough check of the available data. A record of this process will be kept that may be used to help other companies to verify your identity.

We may also pass information to organisations involved in fraud prevention to protect ourselves and our members from theft and fraud. If you supply false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this and share this information with other organisations.

We may also, if necessary, ask you to send us documents to confirm your identity and address.

As you are applying for your Young Scot Extra Savings Account online, you may, should you wish, upload proof documentation as part of the application process.We would require one document which confirms your identify and one document which confirms your current home address.

Acceptable documents:

Proof of identity – 1 item

  • Current signed passport
  • Current UK Full Driving Licence
  • Birth Certficate
  • National Insurance Number Notification Letter (16 & 17 year old only)
  • Current PASS card (e.g. Young Scot, Citizencard, Validate UK, Age Entitlement, Civillian, One-ID4U)

We may also accept a work’s photographic ID card as long as we are satisfied with the quality of the information on it and provided that the prospective member is employed by one of our Select Employers.

Under the regulations other accepted documents include:

  • Benefit book or original notification letter confirming the right to benefits
  • Inland Revenue tax notification
  • Firearms certificate

Proof of current permanent address – 1 item

  • Current UK Full Driving Licence
  • Bank or Building Society statement dated within the last 3 months (not online version)
  • National Insurance Number Notification Letter (16 & 17 year old only)
  • Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Award Letter  (16 & 17 year old only)
  • Utility of landline telephone bill dated within the last 3 months

We would also accept a document which has been sent to the applicant from an official body such as a local authority.

Under the regulations, other documents which we could also accept include:

  • Local council rent card or tenancy agreement
  • Most recent mortgage statement from a known lender
  • Local authority tax bill (valid for current year)
  • Benefits book or original notification of benefit letter