Ian joined Scotwest in 1991 and was elected to the Board in February 2017.

Having been a Social Worker since 1981 working across Scotland, Ian has extensive experience in both local authority and the voluntary sector, both at front line and management levels.

Why did you want to serve as a Director?

“I am firmly committed to the principle of mutual benefit organisations and wished to play a small part in ensuring that Scotwest continues to develop and flourish.
I have worked in the public and voluntary sectors in Scotland for nearly forty years’ and I believed that the experience and skills I have gained could be used to benefit Scotwest.”

What have you gained from taking up this position?

“Being part of a team of Directors and senior staff striving to keep Scotwest working for its members and moving forward in a difficult financial climate, has given me a greater understanding of the financial services sector in general and the workings of the credit union sector in particular.”

In 10 words or fewer, why would you recommend joining Scotwest’s Board?

“Opportunity to assist the continuing development of Scotwest and self.”


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