The Directors Charity Awards offers £5000 to a charity chosen by one Scotwest member who has been selected at random.

We are delighted to announce the latest recipient of the £5,000 Scotwest Director’s Charity Award is Macmillan Cancer Support.

Offering vital support to people living with cancer across Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Support were nominated by Scotwest Member Danielle Anderson. Danielle said “I’ve chosen this charity for the Scotwest Charity Award as they offered amazing support to my uncle throughout his treatment and I hope that this money can help them do the same for another person and their family.”

Lisa Wild of Macmillan Cancer Support said “Macmillan would like to say a huge thank you to Scotwest Credit Union for their generous donation, and to Danielle who chose us, we are incredibly grateful. There are currently 250,000 people across Scotland living with cancer, this number is predicted to rise to 460,000 by 2040.  This is an acutely challenging time for people with cancer, the NHS and for cancer care, Macmillan Cancer Support is here to do whatever it takes to make sure our vital support continues to be available.  We’re at the end of the phone.  We’re online.  Macmillan volunteers are supporting people through treatment.  And our Macmillan health professionals are working tirelessly across the UK.  The Macmillan Support Line is open seven days a week on 0808 808 00 00, where specially trained nurses, counsellors and financial support advisors are there for anyone affected by, or worried about, cancer.  We can provide comprehensive information and advice, as well as emotional support, to help people with cancer cope with the additional strain of the coronavirus pandemic.

But we can’t do it on our own.  We rely almost entirely on public donations and the generosity of organisations like Scotwest Credit Union to make a difference.” 

Cathy Jamieson, the Chair of the Scotwest Board said “We can’t think of a more worthwhile charity to support than Macmillan. So many families have been affected by cancer and without their support that journey would have been so much more difficult. I would encourage any Scotwest Member to  seek their help if you or a loved one is living with cancer and don’t forget that their important work is reliant on donations that can be easily made at”

The Directors Charity Awards gives the Directors an opportunity to directly support Scotwest Members and their communities across the west of Scotland by offering £5000 to a charity chosen by one member who has been selected at random.

The chosen charity will be ratified by the Board at the next Board Meeting before being announced. In the event that there is disagreement with the choice of charity (eg. the organisation has previously been in receipt of a Directors’ Charity Award) the member will be asked to choose again. Every member who meets the criteria (see rules below) will be automatically included in the draw each year, however, if any member does not wish to take part they can ask to be removed from the draw at any time.


Scotwest Directors Charity Award Winners



Scotwest Member
2022 Macmillan Cancer Support Danielle Anderson
2021 Hillhouse Jane Ellis
2020 Alzheimer Scotland Marion Coyles
2019 RAMH Recovery Across Mental Health Catherine Graham

Scotwest Directors Charity Awards Rules

  1. The Scotwest Director’s Charity Draw is open to all members with the exception of members of the Board of Directors and those members identified as being in default and disengaged from the credit union at the time of the draw.
  2. The winning Member will be given 14 days to nominate a registered charity to be considered by the Scotwest Board.
  3. In the event that the winning Member does not wish to participate, or does not respond within 14 days, their name will be removed from the list of Members and the draw will take place again.
  4. In the event the nominated charity is deemed unsuitable by the Board the selected Member will be notified and asked for an alternative nomination.
  5. The Scotwest Board’s decision on the granting of the Award is final with the Chair of the Board making the final decision if necessary.
  6. While winning Members are encouraged to take part in any promotional or press events surrounding the award, it is not compulsory.