Scotwest is delighted to have been awarded the FairLife Mark which is bestowed to organisations who are fair and embrace good practice when delivery savings and loan to their customers.
The FairLife Charity is dedicated to improving everyone’s lives by improving the finance products we use everyday (e.g. loans, mortgages, savings, pensions) and promoting financial education.

As a recipient of the mark we must:

  • Ensure our communications whether with you in person, online or otherwise must be clear, understandable and not misleadingFair Life Mark Logo
  • Ensure our products whether it is  should not discriminate against existing customers
  • Treat you fairly If you are having repayment difficulties or facing debt recovery
  • Not add fees or costs If you restructure you debt due to repayment difficulties
  • Protect your savings under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

…among more stipulations that are in place to ensure you are treated fairly.

You can find out more about the FairLife Charity and the FairLife Mark here.