Help shape the development and continued success of your credit union by becoming a member of the Scotwest Board.

We would be delighted to hear from members who would be interested in undertaking tailored training for future involvement in the Scotwest Board of Directors.

The newly developed Certificate in Credit Union Principles and Practice is a qualification delivered by the Chartered Banker Institute and provides an overview of the role played by Credit Unions in UK society. It considers the development and purpose of Credit Unions, including ethical objectives governance and oversight. Find out more about what the course covers here.

This qualification is now a pre-requisite for any member planning on standing for election to the Board of Directors. The course will be fully funded by Scotwest and will take up to 12 months to complete, after which you can go forward to be considered as a board member.

“Being a Director has improved my career prospects, given me more confidence and allowed me to develop new skills.I have gained a new perspective on personal finance and how it affects everyone.”
Caroline McMichael, Scotwest Director

Becoming a Board Member

Scotwest is run by its members for its members, each one being an owner of the business on a democratic “one member, one vote” basis. The elected Directors are responsible for developing strategy and maintaining the vision and values of the credit union, meeting on a monthly basis to monitor progress as well as reporting to the membership at the General Meeting.

Elections for Directors take place at the General Meeting and, prior to this process, candidates must complete the Certificate in Credit Union Principles and Practice and be approved by the Nominations Committee to stand.

Once elected, Board Members can remain in post for a period of three years. After this time, they can stand for re-election for one further three-year term.

If you are interested in joining the Scotwest Director Training Academy please email

“Any organisation is only as strong as its members make it, so I became a Director in order to contribute to Scotwest’s continued success.It’s not a huge commitment, but by joining the Board you can make a difference!”
Ian Turner, Scotwest Director

Our Board of Directors

David McRiner Chair of Board and Secretary
Stephen Wood Vice Chair of Board
Scott Frame Appointed Director
Alex Ibe Appointed Director
Cathy Jamieson Appointed Director
Paul McGowan Appointed Director
Caroline McMichael Appointed Director
Ian Turner Appointed Director