At Scotwest we are committed to growing in a responsible manner not only for our Members but our communities and society at large and are encouraging our members to go paper free with their Scotwest statements.

From 2019/20, in order to reduce our environmental impact* and to save the considerable cost that is associated with producing and posting statements, Scotwest made the decision to only send annual paper statements out to Members who were not registered for online banking.

This decision resulted in a reduction of over 100,000 sheets of paper produced and a cost almost £7,000 less than the 2019 statement mailout. In subsequent years, increased membership numbers have seen the number of statements issue increase but still at greatly reduced numbers compared with the 2019 statement. The 2022 statement mailout resulted in 90,000 less sheets of paper being produced and sent.

We encourage all our members to log in to their online banking and ensure that they are set to not receive paper statements.

If you are registered for online banking you can request a statement online at any time but if you would prefer to continue to receive these printed statements you can opt back in using the Personal Details section of your Online Banking Profile. If you are not yet registered for online banking but would like to go paper free you can verify your details by completing our online form here.


*Some info about the 2019 Annual Statement mailout:

  • The amount of paper produced was the equivalent of around 10 trees, which is enough to provide oxygen to support 20 human beings
  • It takes a staggering 10 liters of water to produce just 1 sheet of A4 paper!
  • Producing this amount of paper (over half a ton) uses the same amount of energy it takes to run an average household for 5 months.