Scotwest Loan Rates

What you see is what you get with a Scotwest Loan. The rates listed here are available to everyone who meet our lending criteria and don’t change depending upon your circumstances unlike some other lenders and they they don’t come with any hidden fees or charges so Whether you are borrowing for a new car, a holiday, home improvements or to consolidate existing lending you can use the loan calculators on this page to find out how much you could pay with a Scotwest Loan – breaking down your regular payments and the total amount of interest you will pay over the course of the loan

Unsecured Loans

From To Representative APR Interest Rate
up to £1000 26.8% 24.0%
£1,001 £4,999 13.7% 12.92%
£5,000 £9,999 8.5% 8.19%
£10,000 £30,000 8% 7.72%
Car Loan  7.5% Rep APR
Green Car Loan 6.5% Rep APR
Consolidation Loans 19.5% Rep APR SavingsSecure Loans 3.5% Rep APR
Revolvaloans   16.1% Rep APR

Loan rates for car loans

These loan rates apply to new loans granted from 15/03/2024.

Existing borrowers should check their loan agreement for confirmation of their loan rate.

Every loan application is carefully and individually assessed; decisions are based on a range of factors, always considering your income and expenditure and ability to repay.


At Scotwest, we help members who are struggling with their Scotwest loans. If you are experiencing debt problems, make sure that you get help straight away by speaking to your lender in the first instance before it spirals out of control. You can read guides on borrowing money and take the Debt Test from the team at Money Advice Scotland on our website here: