Our Purpose

As a credit union built on co-operative values we believe in equity and sustainability; it’s in our DNA. We know access to financial services is essential for dignity and a decent life, and that credit unions have an amazing opportunity as well as an important responsibility to bring about positive change. Our purpose is to broaden financial inclusion, promote our members’ financial stability, security and wellbeing, strengthen local communities, and improve environmental sustainability through fair practice and responsible consumption.

Less can be more. Simplicity, stability, community and resilience are our guiding values.

For us to deliver upon this purpose it must be infused in everything we do. It becomes the thread that links our strategy to our operations, our interactions with members and partners, our organisational culture and brand. It informs the way we do things.

Our Way

We care for and about our members, respecting all as people living complicated lives. We provide equitable access to fair finance and straightforward, individualised advice. We empower our employees to build relationships, consider individual circumstances, see the bigger picture, and take action to improve members’ security, resilience and happiness.

We promote a less-is-more approach, encouraging members to be environmentally aware and thoughtful consumers. We support community efforts that make responsible consumerism easy. And we choose to cooperate with rather than compete with credit unions across Scotland, to challenge and inspire our industry to serve more and use less.

Our Impact

We hope to attract new members because of our values and through our actions. As we grow, we’ll reduce financial exclusion across our common bond and promote personal and planetary resilience and sustainability. More members means more people benefitting from fair financial products, services, advice and options, enjoying greater financial security and overall peace of mind, and making more sustainable consumer choices more often.