Whether you’re saving for a summer holiday or the Christmas holidays, whether you’re planning for the future or just a rainy day, we’re here to help with your financial goals with a variety of accounts.

And in the spirit of people helping people, credit union savings can be used by other members for loans if they need them. So while you are earning your dividend or interest on  your Scotwest savings, you are also helping your fellow members!

You can regularly save with Scotwest using Direct Debit and Payroll Deduction is you work for one of our employer partners meaning that managing your account is flexible and straightforward. Scotwest’s range of accounts includes the popular Christmas Savings Account allowing you to save over the course of the year for the annual expense of the festive season.

The maximum combined savings across all Scotwest Savings Accounts cannot exceed £85,000 per Member. This is to ensure Scotwest Members’ savings are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Helpful saving options

Free Life Savings Protection

Life Savings Protection is a free safeguard offered by Scotwest Credit Union as a benefit automatically to its members. In the event of your death, it provides your family with a single lump sum payment which can help them cover funeral and other expenses.

It is a financial benefit that supports your family when they most need it, giving you a level of protection that you simply would not get with traditional banking institutions.

Life Savings Protection is designed to recognise and reward your family for your commitment to save. The value of this payment is directly linked to your savings: the more you save, the higher the benefit payment. The maximum level of this benefit will be £3000. This means that in the event of your death your beneficiary may receive an additional payment matching your savings up to £3000. The benefit will be calculated based on your savings balance up to the age of 70. Deposits made after the age of 70 do not contribute to the benefit payable.

The terms of this member benefit may change from time to time. The applicable rates / amounts covered are those prevalent at the date of death.

Please note: This benefit does not mean you have an insurance policy.