Delivering better financial lives through caring about individual members and their happiness: growing together to become Scotland’s leading credit union.

What does this mean for Scotwest Members?

Scotwest will set the standard for others to follow, leading the way by providing innovative, responsive and fair financial services. We will serve our members’ needs by understanding their individual circumstances, caring about their happiness and improving their financial lives through the provision of honest, understandable financial products and services . We will work with our people, our members and our communities to contribute positively to society, nature and our environment. We embrace diversity and are committed to fair and impartial opportunities for all.

How do we deliver better financial lives?

We believe it is vital for our members to be in a position to deal with the unexpected without having to enter into unaffordable debt. Not only do we encourage our members to save by offering dividends on their savings and unique savings products such as our Christmas Savings Account, we are always on the lookout for information, advice and courses that will help members manage their saving and spending habits.

Our Values

  • Care : We care about our members, our people, our communities and our environment
  • Honesty : We are open and honest with everyone
  • Respect : We treat everyone as an individual and value diversity
  • Equity : We believe in fair, impartial opportunities for all