We recently paid a visit to MediCinema at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to deliver a cheque for £1000 to the charity.

We were shown around the impressive facilities by manager Sheila Hay Pacifico who told us about the important work they do providing respite for patients old and young. Their regular screenings of the latest cinema releases help them forget about the difficulties they may be facing while being in hospital. This work would be impossible without charitable donations to help with nursing staff costs but also an army of committed volunteers who help with cleaning the facilities and escorting patients to and from screenings.

The staff at Scotwest arranged various activities over the past 6 months to support this worthwhile cause from Christmas Jumper competitions, charity breakfasts and a bingo night! These donations were also boosted by former members who donated savings when closing their Scotwest accounts.

Sheila said: “A massive thank you to all the Scotwest Credit Union staff and members for your extremely kind donation and support. Thank you from us, but thank you also from all the patients that this is going to help. As one of our patients recently told us, when in hospital ‘you lose all normality. The MediCinema helps you regain that for a few hours every week. It doesn’t take away what you are going through, but it gives you some vital breathing space, enabling you to carry on. It can be the difference between being able to cope and not being able to cope.’ Your donation will directly give more patients in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital that much-needed breathing space and that sense of normality that we can all sometimes take for granted.”

To make your own donation or find out about volunteering visit their website here: medicinema.org.uk

A massive thank you to Sheila for taking the time to show us around and for the great work that her and all team at MediCinema do.
Look out for future announcements on the recipient of Scotwest’s next charity donation.


Scotwest’s Jacqui with MediCinema Manager Sheila.