Maurice joined Scotwest in March 2011 and was co-opted to the Board in April 2023.

Maurice is Renfrewshire’s Promise Manager. He is a member of Renfrewshire Council’s Children’s Services Senior Leadership Team and a key officer in Renfrewshire’s Children Services Partnership. Maurice has the lead role in strategic planning relating to Renfrewshire Council’s Children’s Services response to the implementation of The Promise and works closely with Scottish Government, COSLA, and Promise Scotland as well as other agencies around all aspects of The Promise.

Maurice has previously worked in leadership roles with Skills Development Scotland, Scotland’s National Skills Agency, and has experience of working alongside both public and private bodies to deliver on better outcomes for Scotland’s people and communities.

Why did you want to serve as a Director?

“I had been thinking about applying to join the Director Training network for a number of years and then leading on to becoming a Director. I am hoping I can contribute to the future development of Scotwest and bring to bear some of my life experience from both my personal and professional life. I have benefited over the years from Credit Union membership, and I would like to do all I can to widen the membership so more individuals can also benefit from Scotwest membership.”

What do you hope to gain from taking up this position?

“I hope to gain a greater understanding and awareness of the workings of my credit union. I am looking forward to the experience itself and being part of a team with people from different backgrounds and experiences. I am sure being a director at Scotwest I will learn so much from others and gain that opportunity to work closely with fellow Directors and employees of Scotwest who have a different perspectives and experiences.”

In 10 words or fewer, why would you recommend joining Scotwest’s Board?

“Because by joining the board allows your voice be heard”

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