Due to social distancing guidelines, this year’s Annual General Meeting will be held online on Monday 29 November at 6.30pm

The meeting is an opportunity to hear first-hand about the successes and challenges of the past year as well as future plans.

Members wishing to attend should register at https://scotwest.eventcaster.co.uk/access/register .Once registered you will receive a confirmation email with more details.

Papers relating to the meeting can be read in advance of the event from 15 November here: https://www.scotwest.co.uk/agm-2021.

On the day of the meeting, registered Members can log in here to join: https://scotwest.eventcaster.co.uk/ a code will be sent to your email or phone to confirm your entry, then, click on the ‘Join AGM‘ link.

Please note that the stream will not work on Internet Explorer – please use a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.