Are you 16-25 years old? Why not use your Young Scot card and sign-up to the first Scottish-wide online Credit Union service for young people?

Think about those spontaneous nights out, impromptu cinema trips or an unexpected flat tyre. You never know when you might need extra cash in your pocket.

Get rewarded for saving with Young Scot Reward Points

Earn Young Scot Reward Points by opening an account and saving on a regular basis, regardless of the amount. Reward points can go towards tickets to sporting events, backstage passes at gigs and driving lessons.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get more information about Young Scot Rewards, but if you want to check out what’s available now visit the Young Scot Rewards site.

Savings Example:

If you could put away just £6 a week for a year you will have over £300, which could go towards your summer or winter holiday and this would earn you 2,300 Young Scot Reward points to spend helping you save even more!

How to open a Young Scot Extra Savings Account

If you’re already a Young Scot Cardholder, you can join Scotwest by completing the online Membership Application below. To keep your membership active you need to keep a £1 minimum balance in your savings at all times.

You can save by Direct Debit or if you’re working and your employer offers Scotwest as an employee benefit, you can save directly from your wages or salary by payroll deduction.

You can add to your savings at any point, with cheques and debit card payments also accepted.

Young Scot Savings Account holders aged 18 or over will receive quarterly dividend payments automatically to their account. Young Members, aged 16-17, will receive interest on their savings at a rate equivalent to the current dividend rate for this account. Find out more about our dividend and interest rates here.

Young Scot Extra Saving Account Terms & Conditions

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