Taking some time to work your way through our Budget Review form – it may throw up some surprises and give you food for thought! Completing our Budget Review will give you a better idea of the money coming in (your income) and the money going out (your expenditure).

When it comes to expenditure, make sure you include everything you spend – even if a specific category hasn’t been listed for it.  If you are not sure what you spend for some categories you could think about completing a weekly breakdown, keeping a note of all your spending on a daily basis – even down to the daily paper, takeaway coffee on the way to work or drink after work.  You may be surprised how these individually small items soon mount up over the course of a week or month.

Once you have completed your review, look to see if there are ways you could increase your income or decrease your expenditure. By setting a realistic budget you will gain more control over your finances and may find yourself in a better position than you imagined.

If you are experiencing money problems, contact one of the free money advice agencies listed on our Sources of Help and Advice (below) as soon as possible.  The quicker you speak to them, the sooner they can start to help.

Download the Scotwest Budget Review

Sources of Help and Advice