We are pleased to announce that Spinal Injuries Scotland are the latest recipient of a Scotwest Community Award.

Spinal Injuries Scotland is a registered charity and has provided a unique Peer Support Service for new and existing spinal cord injured (SCI) people in Scotland since 2018. The award will pay for a series of social events in the National Spinal Unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital for patients and their families.

They were nominated by Scotwest Member Elle De Sousa who said “The staff and volunteers at SIS do an amazing job of supporting those coming to terms with SCI and continuing to work with them on their journey of living with the condition. Being able to bring them and their families together on social occasions is an important part of this support.

Maureen Morrison, the Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Injuries Scotland said “We would like to thank Elle for recognising the work that we do within the National Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow.   This funding will continue to support patients, their families, and friends with social activities, coming to terms with their injuries and giving them a reprieve from their day-to-day treatments.“

Find out more about Spinal Injuries Scotland and the work they do here: https://www.spinalinjuriesscotland.org.uk/

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