ReceWhy Save Splatternt studies have shown many adults wish they had taken up saving and thinking about their money earlier in life. Having your own savings account now will make you more money aware and help create good savings habits.

One of the many tips you’ll find across these pages is to have a goal in mind when you save and not worry about when you reach that goal – the best part is that once you’ve spent your savings you can simply start saving again!


What Is A Credit Union Splatter


In many ways Credit Unions are much like banks but there are differences.

You can find out how we are different here.



How Scotwest Can Help Splatter

With a Scotwest MoneyWise Account you can make deposits online any time and download our App to your mobile device, We’ll also send you regular statements for your account and we even have some handy hints for adults too.
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HOw do you save splatter


We will post regular hints and tips on these pages that will get you thinking about how you could save more and spend less.
Click here to find out about where your savings could come from, setting savings goals and how to stay motivated when you are saving.




If you are 16-18 years old and have a Young Scot Card you may want to consider opening a Young Scot Extra Savings Account.  Earn Young Scot Reward Points by opening an account and saving on a regular basis, regardless of the amount. Reward points can go towards tickets to sporting events, back-stage passes at gigs, driving lessons and more. Find out more here