Why Save?

Having your own savings account now will not only make you more money-aware and help create good saving habits as you get older, but you will also be able to treat yourself if you have your eye on a new bike or the latest games console or get your friends and family gifts at birthdays and Christmas.

Always remember that saving should be fun, so if you have something you really want to buy, get saving, spend your hard earned money then get saving again!

What is a Credit Union?

In many ways credit unions are just like banks but we are different. Follow the MoneyWise Owl to find how!


How Scotwest Can Help

If you have a Scotwest MoneyWise Account you can save through your school credit union branch or have an adult help you check your savings online any time! We’ll also send you regular statements for your account and we even have some handy hints for adults too.
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How Do You Save?

We will post regular wise words on this website that will get you thinking about how you could save more and spend less. Click here to find out about where your savings could come from, setting savings goals and how to stay motivated when you are saving.