We will post regular wise words here that will help you get thinking about how you could save more and spend less.
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The most important thing to remember about saving is that every penny counts! You may not feel like you’re saving much but depositing even just a little into your MoneyWise Account when you can soon pays off!
You might be surprised at how many ways you can get money to save:

  • Pocket money
  • Christmas and Birthday money
  • Doing odd jobs
  • Paper round
  • …even tooth fairy money!

You might want to save some or all of this money but putting at least a little into your account will go a long way towards those savings goals!

Set A Goal

Saving is always easier if you have something to save for! Maybe you have your eye on a new game for your console or this season’s football strip? How about some extra money to spend on your summer holidays or a gift for a friend or relative?


Try Before You Buy

If you’re a book, film or music lover it’s so easy to try before you buy. Listen to songs online, visit your local library to try out a book or DVD you’ve been keen to see. You may discover that you don’t like it as much as you thought you would and then you’ve not wasted your hard earned savings!


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